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Comparing EHR Impact on Hospital-based and Office-based Physicians

A recent study compared the interactions of hospital-based physicians to EHRs to the perceptions of office-based physicians. After analyzing comments submitted in response to the 2014 Rhode Island Health Information Technology survey, here are…

Physician Handoffs and Electronic Tools

Can physician handoffs in hospitals be improved with electronic tools? That was the thrust of research conducted in 2014 by a group that looked at different research projects from 2008 to 2014.[1] Specifically, the researchers wanted to see…

Nurse Empowerment and Better Patient Outcomes

With hospitals around the U.S. looking at nurse burnout and how it might be affecting patient care, researchers in the past several years have looked at which factors have most contributed to the nurse malaise. Are there some factors that seem…

Hospital Medicine: Physician Burnout Roundup

Here are some of the latest stories on physician burnout: A simple but effective tip for physician leaders: Ask your patients what they want. Too often physicians are looking at computer screens instead of into the eyes of their patients,…

Teamwork, Hospitalists and Hospital Medicine

Teamwork is one of the most important elements in hospital medicine. And yet, it continues to be one of the greatest challenges and roadblocks to improved patient outcomes. There are numerous reasons. First, hospitals are complex organizations,…

Physician Burnout and Medicine as a Calling

Could physician satisfaction and burnout be tied to whether or not that person sees medicine as a calling? That was the question researchers wanted to answer – the degree to which seeing medicine as a calling is a bellwether of a physician’s…