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At MedAptus, we make care coordination possible by combining automated patient assignment software with secure text messaging and charge capture to create a patient-centric digital network.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

African Proverb

Intelligent and automated patient assignments avoid compressed workflows.

ASSIGN for Physicians

ASSIGN for Physicians automatically and intelligently assigns patients, saving time, improving workload balances and helping to improve physician and patient satisfaction.

ASSIGN for Nurses

ASSIGN for Nurses automatically and intelligently matches the right patients with the right nurses to save time, improve operational efficiencies and provide fairer and more reasonable workload balances.

More efficient patient assignments reduce the potential for staff resentment.

Working better together means being able to message everybody in your care team, not just a few.


RapidConnect allows easy access to the proper clinician every time both inside and outside the hospital.

Charge Capture INFUSION

Charge Capture INFUSION automatically converts infusion times into codes and sends them back to the EHR for accurate billing and compliance.

Computer-generated infusion coding is the next generation of charge capture.

Charge capture means finding new sources of revenue.

Charge Capture PRO

Charge Capture PRO rapidly and accurately documents patient encounters for reimbursement.

Charge Capture FACILITY

Charge Capture FACILITY utilizes inbound scheduling feeds to populate end-user schedules and patient demographic info.

Implement charge capture and you improve the bottom line.

automatic infusion coding

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