The Only Intelligent and Automated Patient Assignment Technology in Healthcare Today


Patient assignments and workload balances can bedevil even the most experienced nurse manager.

In addition to staffing and shift schedules to consider, patient acuity, geography and continuity of care must be factored in as well.

And while acuity tools and scheduling programs have helped this process — some nurses still feel assigning patients manually results in unfair or imbalanced schedules.

Perhaps more importantly, these imbalanced assignments can result in patient care being compromised.

A New Approach to Patient Assignments for Nurses

What if there was a far more advanced way to assign patients?

What if a charge nurse or nurse manager could apply dozens of customized protocols to each shift, every day, and have a patient assignment list that was fairer, more balanced, and optimized around the needs of every patient?

And what if the complex algorithms used to make those assignments took just a few minutes to create?

ASSIGN for Nurses: Applying Dozens of Protocols Automatically

That’s we have developed at MedAptus and it’s called ASSIGN for Nurses — the only  patient assignment software that automatically and intelligently applies dozens of protocols to create the most optimized patient assignments in healthcare today.

No other technology can do that. Not EHRs. Not scheduling software. Not acuity tools.

Only ASSIGN for Nurses matches patients with nurses with a deeper and more robust set of protocols and uses sophisticated algorithms to optimize the process.

Why is this important?

Because hospitals are demanding optimal care while still wanting costs kept down. To fulfill that obligation, care team members must work better together. They must be more efficient and more effective in delivering care, and they must coordinate that care with team members across a full spectrum of providers.

Unfortunately, assigning patients manually doesn’t meet that obligation, nor do scheduling programs which can’t manage the complexity. Only ASSIGN for Nurses factors in dozens of protocols to match the right nurses to the right patients using protocols that are 100% configurable.

In other words — you decide what’s important. Is geography or continuity of care the most important criteria in your department? You decide what criteria to use to optimize assignments so they are fair, efficient and balanced. No more guesswork. The software handles all of the matching for you for every shift and every day — and the entire process takes a few minutes.

ASSIGN for Nurses puts the focus back on patient care and patient safety where it belongs.

Nurses will appreciate that. They’ll know that their patient assignments were based on data, not emotion or intuition.

We’d love to show you how the protocols work and how much more comprehensive our software is is compared to just using acuity scores or simple scheduling programs. As hospitals continue to demand more accountability in their patient care, manually assigning patients or relying on simple programs just don’t cut it anymore. What’s needed is a patient assignment sophistication that matches the sophisticated level of patient care occurring every day on every shift.

ASSIGN for Nurses provides that level of sophistication.

In fact, ASSIGN for Nurses is the future of patient assignments.

But don’t take our word for it. See the difference for yourself. Call us at (617) 896-4000 or click here and we’ll set up a short demonstration for you.

Imbalanced patient assignment workloads can affect performance and team cohesiveness.

patient assignment software for nurses

Balanced patient assignments improve patient care and patient satisfaction.

patient assignments

Staff burnout is serious problem and workload imbalances can contribute to it.

patient assignments


ASSIGN securely pulls in patient data from your hospital’s registration and EHR system. Being fully integrated with all systems on the market, including Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, Siemens, Allscripts and others, the process is automated and seamless.

ASSIGN pulls into the platform the nursing schedule list for that day.

ASSIGN then applies the protocols you have put into the system. For example, these could based on room location (geography), patient acuity, and continuity of care.

ASSIGN automatically matches each patient with the right nurse based on your specific criteria, creating a master list of workload balance.

The list is finalized and distributed to the proper care team members – using paper or electronically (web or mobile).


Tying Patient Assignments and Secure Communications Together

True care coordination rarely occurs in healthcare. For example, secure communication among ALL care team members doesn’t happen because not everybody adopts the messaging platform. Meanwhile, on the patient assignment side — imbalanced schedules create a less-than optimal patient care environment that isn’t widely communicated.

At MedAptus, we are on a mission to help change that.

We want care team members to work better together by providing them with better integration among secure communications and patient assignments. In other words — match the right care team members around the right patient and then give them an easy-to-use tool to communicate with one another. No missed handoffs. No confusion around care. Every care team member has the information they need to provide optimal care.