For a secure text messaging platform to improve care coordination, full adoption must occur. If only a few units or department are communicating (and mostly to themselves), the full benefit of the platform is not realized.

Why is this important?

Because better communication leads to better care.


A renowned pediatric surgeon in North Carolina developed a user-friendly, cloud-based secure text messaging platform that everybody can use.

Called RapidConnect, here’s what it can do:

  • It makes it quick and easy for messages to be read and it provides visibility about that status.
  • It makes call schedules and call hierarchies fully integrated into the platform.
  • It takes into consideration personal preferences by physicians when they should be reached and when they should not.
  • It makes it easy for a proxy to respond on his or her behalf when a physician can’t.
  • It supports the teaching hospital hierarchy, including residents, APPs, fellows and attendings at the appropriate times.
  • It addresses the differences between cell phones and pagers.
  • It can easily forward a message chain to a support team.
  • It has a pricing model that encourages adoption by the entire care patient team.

Want to learn more or see a demo?

Click here or call (617) 896-4000.