Next Generation Secure Text Messaging


For a secure text messaging platform to work effectively inside a healthcare setting, it must above all be adopted. Everybody must want to use it.

What happens when a system is not adopted? It’s pretty clear. Frustrations run high. Administrators bemoan the fact that staff time and expenses have been wasted. Meanwhile, physicians and other care team members fail to get their communication needs solved, thereby threatening their care and the patients that depend on them.

Why is all of this important?

Because–stated simply–better communications results in better care. Aside from improper diagnosis and treatment, perhaps nothing can erode the outcome of patient care more than poor or inadequate communications among providers, especially between shifts or between hospital staff, specialists and external caregivers.

Technology was supposed to help, but in many cases it’s done just the opposite and care coordination suffers.

Until now.

Making Adoption Happen

Leave it to a renowned pediatric surgeon (Dr. David Hoover) to build the first truly user-friendly, secure text messaging platform that people will actually adopt. Here’s what makes his platform so useful:

  1. It makes it quick and easy for messages to be read and it provides visibility about that status.
  2. It makes call schedules and call hierarchies fully integrated into the platform.
  3. It takes into consideration personal preferences by physicians when they should be reached and when they should not.
  4. It makes it easy for a proxy to respond on his or her behalf when a physician can’t.
  5. It supports the teaching hospital hierarchy, including residents, APPs, fellows and attendings at the appropriate times.
  6. It addresses the differences between cell phones and pagers.
  7. It can easily forward a message chain to a support team.
  8. It has a pricing model that encourages adoption by the entire care patient team.

There’s only one platform on the market today that has ALL of those characteristics and it’s RapidConnect by MD Interconnect.

More on RapidConnect and Secure Text Messaging

RapidConnect is a cloud-based, HIPPA-compliant mobile and web messaging platform that allows internal and external care team members to communicate with one another quickly, safely and easily.

The benefits to hospitals for using it are clear: enhanced access, improved staff efficiencies, reduced risks associated with unsecured PHI, improved physician relationships, and optimized clinical resource allocation.

The benefit to team care members is even more obvious: better patient outcomes.

If you’ve been thinking about implementing a secure text messaging system or have had problems with adoption or abandonment, perhaps now is a good time to re-evaluate your need. Cyber attacks are not going away. Neither is care coordination. RapidConnect can help with both.

“The beauty of the product is that we can communicate within our health system and externally to our network.”

Carolyn Knaup, RN, MHA
Senior Vice President of Ambulatory Services
& Physician Operations

Secure text messaging is only valuable if everybody is using it.

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