With the complexity of the new codes from ICD-10 and changes in reimbursement, documenting patient encounters for reimbursement continues to remain a priority for most hospitals and providers.

To manage that process, charge capture has become an integral part of revenue optimization.

MedAptus has been developing and implementing charge capture solutions for hospitals for nearly 20 years, and we continue to improve and refine our products.

Capturing accurate charges for billing remains one of our top priorities.

We have a full suite of products to suit your charge capture needs.

Charge Capture PRO

Charge Capture PRO is a full flexible and comprehensive solution for professionals that maximizes revenue and seamlessly integrates with all EHR systems.

Charge Capture INFUSION

Charge Capture INFUSION pulls start and stop times from our EHR, automatically applies the correct coding, and then sends that data back to the EHR for billing.

Charge Capture FACILITY

Charge Capture FACILITY captures all charges associated with clinic and outpatient visits.

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