The patient assignment process is one of the most underappreciated and underutilized functions in hospital medicine today. That’s because a sub-optimal patient assignment process can lead to sub-optimal care.

Missed patients. Overloaded staff. Added administrative time. It all adds up to greater inefficiencies and higher costs. The reality is – the patient assignment process in most hospitals today needs a makeover.


An automated and intelligent patient assignment software platform that applies multiple protocols to match the right patients to the right providers quickly, easily and with far greater balance than doing it manually.

The ASSIGNCARE™  patient assignment platform is built on a proprietary, rules-based “engine.” Designed to integrate with all of the major EHRs and scheduling software programs, the suite of products below take the patient assignment to a level most providers haven’t thought possible. It’s a paradigm shift and MedAptus is leading the charge.

ASSIGN for Physicians™
ASSIGN for Nurses

Currently in Development

ASSIGNCARE Collaborator™
ASSIGN for Case Managers™
ASSIGN for Therapists

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