As healthcare organizations continue to add safe and secure communications technology for their providers, there continue to be gaps in usage and effectiveness. This raises several questions.

For example, what if only a fraction of care team members are using the technology? Is care collaboration improved?

Even if secure communications is widely adopted, what if it still can’t answer the question as to which providers have been assigned to which patients? In other words, not knowing who to communicate with is equally, if not more important, than being able to communicate at all. How does one provider distinguish between another provider in terms of assignments?

At MedAptus, we believe better care collaboration begins with patient assignments. In fact, improving the capability of assignments leads to better overall communications, not the other way around.

That’s why we have designed ASSIGNCARE Collaborator – software that integrates two or more patient assignment software programs and combines them with secure communications. This creates a web of connectivity for care team members that surrounds each patient.

No more guesswork as to which patient is assigned to which providers. That results in faster and better communications.

If a healthcare organization doesn’t have its own secure communications technology, we can provide our technology. If it does have one, we seamlessly integrate it with ASSIGNCARE Collaborator. Either way, secure texting and communications is combined with powerful patient assignment software to make collaboration easier, faster and far more productive.

Secure communications is only half of the solution to better coordinated care.  The other important element is patient assignments. Combined, they create a unique patient-centric system that goes a long way towards improving care.

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