All healthcare organizations rely on safe, secure and clear communications. As a result, many have sought state-of-the-art secure texting and messaging platforms to allow their providers to communicate with one another.

But any communication system only works effectively if everybody in the organization uses it. In other words, full adoption is critical to its success.

Sadly, many systems installed in don’t have full participation, thereby severely limiting their use. In fact, in some circumstances, limited participation eventually results in no participation—since even the participants begin to feel it’s a waste of their time.

This begs the question.

Can a safe and secure text messaging and communication platform be created that would be adopted by everyone within a healthcare organization. And to achieve that critical mass—what would it have to do? How would it have to be designed and built so that healthcare team members would WANT to use it?

A renowned pediatric surgeon in Raleigh, North Carolina set out to answer those questions. He too was frustrated by the secure messaging choices in the marketplace that, when put to the test, failed to garner full support within his organization.

Could he help develop something better? He did and it’s called RapidConnect.


RapidConnect is a cloud-based, HIPPA-compliant mobile and web-based platform that makes communicating among ALL providers safe and easy. How? By having attributes that people (especially physicians) need and want.


Here’s a list of RapidConnect’s key characteristics:

  1. It makes it quick and easy for messages to be read and it provides visibility about that status.
  2. It makes call schedules and call hierarchies fully integrated into the platform.
  3. It takes into consideration personal preferences by physicians when they should be reached and when they should not.
  4. It makes it easy for a proxy to respond on his or her behalf when a physician can’t.
  5. It supports the teaching hospital hierarchy, including residents, APPs, fellows and attendings at the appropriate times.
  6. It addresses the differences between cell phones and pagers.
  7. It can easily forward a message chain to a support team.
  8. It has a pricing model that encourages adoption by the entire care patient team.

No other secure texting messaging platform in healthcare has this combination of features and attributes, which is why it was quickly adopted by care team members throughout the surgeon’s own hospital.

Compared to other messaging systems, RapidConnect not only provides a safe and secure communications environment, but it also makes communications easier.

MedAptus has an exclusive partnership with MD Interconnect, the company that created RapidConnect to integrate its product with MedAptus’s suite of charge capture and patient assignment technology.

Finally, a secure communications solution exists that will be readily adopted by all care team members, not just a few.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear and see for yourself. To make an appointment for a demonstration, call (617) 896-4000 or click here.


PLEASE NOTE: While MedAptus has an exclusive partnership with MD Interconnect to integrate RapidConnect with our care coordination products, we will continue to work with the whatever secure messaging system you use in your hospital to help your team members work together better.