Matching the right patients with the right care team members

It’s no secret that the patient assignment process can make or break a healthcare enterprise.

Distribute the workload equitably and efficiently and better patient outcomes are assured, along with improved financial performance.

On the other hand…

Imbalanced care team assignments can cause all kinds of problems for providers.

For example, an imbalanced workload may cause a rounding physician to get behind schedule and have to scramble to catch up. That could impact care as he or she squeezes in patients into an already busy day.

Nurses, meanwhile, have their own set of challenges from workload imbalances. Some imbalances may cause resentment among staff overburdened with complicated patients, potentially leading to burnout. Most importantly, patient care may be affected.

What’s the solution?


Imagine if you could automatically and intelligently combine patient lists with provider schedules so that the right patient was matched with the right provider for every shift and for every day?

Imagine further that the protocols (or “rules”) that determined the patient assignments — such as continuity of care, geography, and patient acuity — were determined by the team or manager. In other words, the criteria was totally customizable and configurable.

And finally, imagine if that list could be distributed by mobile phone or printed so that every team member could deliver optimal care coordination. In other words, they would work together better.

That’s MedAptus’s vision behind its ASSIGN platform for physicians, nurses, and other care team members.

Use customizable protocols to expertly match patients with providers to provide true care coordination.

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Imbalanced staff workloads can contribute to staff burnout.

Intelligent and automated patient assignments save time, improve workloads, and enhance patient care.

care coordination

Care teams work better together when they can share information quickly and easily.