Hospital Medicine: Physician Burnout Roundup

Here are some of the latest stories on physician burnout:

A simple but effective tip for physician leaders: Ask your patients what they want.

Too often physicians are looking at computer screens instead of into the eyes of their patients, said Steven Strongwater, M.D., president and CEO of Atrius Health. His organization is trying to reduce burnout by creating so-called communities of practice—hubs that create a sense of community and enable healthcare professionals to interact with their colleagues and promote interaction not isolation in the workplace. (FierceHealthcare)

Ernst & Young Survey: Small Hospitals Struggling With Switch to Value-Based Models

Healthcare spending keeps climbing, but much of America’s health report card gets poor grades: chronic disease rates are rising, gaps between rich and poor are widening, and last year life expectancy fell for the first time in decades.

What’s going on? Ernst & Young sought to find out through its 2017 Health Advisory Survey, which gathered insights from 700 chief medical officers, clinical quality executives, and chief financial officers at health systems across the country. (AJMC)

Physician burnout: Running on an empty tank

If you are feeling utterly exhausted and disconnected from your patients, perhaps even wondering if you still want to be a doctor, then rest assured – you are not alone. Chances are these days that your colleagues may be feeling the same. (Medical News Today)

Physician heal thyself: Simple coping strategies for pervasive physician burnout

The proverb, ‘physician heal thyself,’ is probably more relevant today than it was in biblical times with the fast pace of life, the impact of multitasking and the unending bombardment of information, which have made emotional exhaustion almost certain. And this is especially true for obstetricians and gynecologists who experience professional burnout rates between 40 to 75 percent. (Science Daily)

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