MedAptus Introduces Software to Improve Charge Capture for Infusion Services

automatic infusion coding

MedAptus®, a Boston-based healthcare technology company, has developed new software that improves the capture of charges for infusion services.

Charge Capture INFUSION replaces the paper-based system often used by hospitals today, which can cause coding errors and prevent nurses from spending more time with patients.

By improving coding and charge capture efficiencies, the software significantly improves coding accuracy and reduces compliance risks.

It also allows hospitals to find additional revenue that might have otherwise gone unreported.

For example, in an audit conducted of 140 charts in one hospital, 120 of those charts were underreported revenue opportunities. Another hospital audit showed that at least half of its charts contained missed opportunities.

Charge Capture INFUSION is a major improvement for hospitals,” said Gene Schneider, CEO of MedAptus. “Not only does it help find new sources of revenue, but it’s especially valuable for nurses since it frees them up to spend more time with patients.”

Charge Capture INFUSION builds on Medaptus’s 18 years of experience delivering charge capture solutions for hospitals across the United States.

Developed to be fully integrated with all of the major EHR systems (including Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH and Allscripts), Charge Capture INFUSION, is also designed to handle the complexity associated with the hierarchy of codes associated with infusion by applying the correct codes to the appropriate services in the proper order.

While infusion centers will likely benefit the most from Charge Capture INFUSION, other departments within a hospital are likely to take advantage of the software as well.

“Emergency rooms will benefit from Charge Capture INFUSION as well,” said Dan Nottingham, Vice President of Product Management. “Hydration times can now be better captured because of our software.”

Charge Capture INFUSION has also been developed to integrate with the latest infusion “smart” pumps that hospitals are now adopting, providing even faster and more efficient coding and billing.

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