13 Principles to Reduce Medical Errors in Hospitals

While the airline industry celebrates no loss of life in the past year due to accidents, the medical profession continues to wrestle with medical errors. For example, analyzing the medical death rate data during an eight-year period, by Johns…

Reducing Nurse Workloads More Affected by Work Environment than Added Staff

Absent a good work environment, reducing nurse workloads by adding additional nurses, a costly proposition, may have little consequence. That was the conclusion reached by a seminal study several years ago by esteemed nursing researcher Linda…
Nursing workloads could use a fix

Imbalanced Workloads Are Frustrating Nurses

There may a dozen reasons why many nurses are currently frustrated with their jobs, but one reason that’s high on the list and often underappreciated is imbalanced workloads. Let’s face it. Nobody likes it when they’re assigned a disproportionate…
Patient assignment software can improve care.
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Improving Patient Assignments

Hospitals continue to make great strides in using technology to improve clinical operations and outcomes. Automated disinfection systems to eliminate harmful microorganisms. Telehealth to make healthcare more accessible, especially to people…
Patient assignment software can improve care.

Clinical Workflow Impediments

While Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems in hospitals have been applauded for improving information transfer and for providing ready access to data to multiple providers, they have also been blamed for increased administrative tasks and…
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The Joy of Medicine

Nearly 20 years ago colleagues at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) used the term “healthy workplaces” to describe a positive and productive healthcare environment. Since that time, numerous studies have sought to evaluate…