Celebrating over 20 years

Physician-founded to leverage new technology

Company Timeline

2000 – Two young physicians interested in mobile computing form a venture, “MedCompanion,” to develop a platform of provider workflow applications

2001 – The company rebrands as MedAptus and its first customer, Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts, deploys the “Charges in Hand” mobile charge capture and coding solution to hundreds of physicians

2003 – Version 4.0 of MedAptus’ charge capture software is released; the platform has 7,000 end-users

2004 – The prestigious M. D. Anderson Cancer Center chooses the company’s charge capture and charge management software for an enterprise-wide deployment

2005 – MedAptus expands its reconciliation capabilities to support emerging workflow needs in business offices

2006 – MedAptus, in partnership with Lahey Clinic, co-develop a technical charge capture solution that ultimately evolves into the company’s Infusion Services platform

2008 – The company completes its first EHR integration to streamline charting/charging workflows for providers, a capability would uniquely position the company for years to come

2010 – MedAptus completes its first iPhone release of mobile charge capture; the company is awarded a patent for its Cross Reconciliation Engine to intuit missing charge elements as well as its first KLAS Award

2011 – KLAS again names MedAptus as Category Leader for Mobile Data Systems, the second year the company receives such an honor

2012 – Understanding the desire for big data and insights, MedAptus releases its first charge capture analytics platform for the trending of revenue cycle KPIs related to charge capture and management

2014 – Nearly 4,000 end-users migrate to MedAptus ICD-10 charge capture solution, a full year ahead of the 2015 regulatory deadline

2016 – After identifying the challenges hospital medicine teams face with patient distribution and workload balancing, MedAptus launches its Assign platform to high market interest

2018 – The company expands Assign, adding a mobile workflow application, many new customers and a focus on developing an Assign for Nursing solution

2019 – MedAptus’ Infusion charge capture product is now available in the Epic App Orchard thanks to integration that allows MedAptus to access medication orders automatically

2020 – The company kicks off its 20 year anniversary with a new brand and logo, “medaptus,” reflecting a collaborative focus on positive technology outcomes, while also celebrating its tenth KLAS award for charge capture customer service leadership