Meet medaptus

Physician-founded to leverage new technology

About Us

medaptus is a provider of clinical workforce and workflow solutions that empower provider organizations to achieve their desired patient, clinical and financial outcomes. 

It’s been twenty years since medaptus made a name for itself as a pioneer of “Mobile Health 1.0.” Since first deploying provider-centric technology for coding support on early model digital PDAs, the company has introduced new solutions on every form factor, with a singular objective in mind: to remove administrative blocks from the business of running a healthcare enterprise.

For revenue leaders, this means removing unnecessary touch-points from coding and billing processes. Our automation streamlines this process, limiting the need for manual review and enabling faster time to bill.

For hospital medicine leaders, this means ensuring optimal patient assignment and efficient daily rounding practices informed by logic with preserved continuity.

As the medical, technology and reimbursement landscapes have evolved, so has medaptus. Our continued relevancy is attributable to a long-held belief that if technologies are to be adopted, they must be easy to use, deliver demonstrable benefits and also leverage an organization’s current information technology investments.