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Build vs. Buy Healthcare Software: Which Decision is Best For You?

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The time has come for you to make a big decision on a new software solution for your healthcare organization. You may be wondering – build it or buy it?…

Hospitalist List Dissatisfaction-Common Symptoms and Solutions

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A common complaint we hear often at tradeshows and conferences from hospitalists and providers about list dissatisfaction: “the list making is unfair. I feel like I am seeing more patients…

The Patient Distribution Process: Manual or Automated in 2024?

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Are your providers often complaining about burnout or uneven workloads? Could there be a tool out there to help you cut time in creating a daily rounding list, decrease provider…

Are your medical billing processes at risk for a RAC Audit? | Part 4

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Worried a RAC audit for your infusion billing is coming your way? There are two big red flags you need to keep an eye out for surviving a RAC audit.…

Physician-Related Challenges for Reimbursement with E&M Charges in 2023

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There have been significant changes to Evaluation and Management charges in 2023. Yet, there are still some providers that may not be fully aware of these E&M changes or what…

Common Outpatient Infusion Coding & Billing Errors that Result in Missed Revenue

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Have you ever wondered if your organization is capturing 100% of your infusion revenue and capturing charges efficiently? Do you think your organization is using coders effectively to get charges…

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Complex Patient Assignment Process? Assign Can Handle It 

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When trying to figure out if Assign, our patient assignment software, will fit your organization's needs, we are often asked to present our ROI case, and this is often two-fold:  …

Are Your Infusion Billing Services Inefficient? | Outpatient Infusion Coding and Automation Videos: Part 3

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Do you have too many coders working on the same incorrect charges every day? Is it taking 3-4 days for your charges to get out the door? Medaptus can help.If…

What is Charge Capture in Epic? Solving EHR Gaps for Outpatient Infusion Coding

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Although EHRs were primarily designed to digitally store patient health information, it’s become more and more common for hospitals to use EHRs for other purposes too – such as charge…

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