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medaptus Academy 2024 Recap

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We recently hosted our second annual, highly anticipated virtual user event exclusively for Charge Pro and Assign customers.  The day was dedicated to increasing efficiency, maximizing revenue, and helping our…

Beyond the Basics: Discovering the Versatility of Charge Pro in Healthcare

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Are you and your coders correcting the same scenarios over and over? Are you looking for specific identifiers to indicate if something needs to be held (like a code, insurance,…

Exploring Efficiency: You Don’t Have to Put Your Projects on Hold Just Because of An Epic Migration

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Have you ever considered doing a workflow analysis on your infusion services?   Beth Israel Lahey (BIDMC), a longstanding Medaptus partner, is transitioning seven facilities to automated infusion, with three set…

Can You Relate to the Top Challenges Facing Hospitalists Today?

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It’s not easy to be a hospitalist. Whether it’s the administrative burden of documentation, the stress of a heavy workload, or following new guidelines required by insurance companies, it’s causing…

Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend Medaptus Academy

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Did you attend Medaptus Academy last year? Keep reading for reasons why you and your colleagues should attend this year. The conference will be held on Tuesday, May 14th from…

Unveiling the Complexity: Navigating Outpatient Infusion Billing for Revenue Maximization – KAHIMA Recap

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Do you know that most healthcare organizations are coding outpatient infusion services incorrectly, leaving a ton of revenue on the table? We audited and found that many organizations (90%+) had…

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Build vs. Buy Healthcare Software: Which Decision is Best For You?

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The time has come for you to make a big decision on a new software solution for your healthcare organization. You may be wondering – build it or buy it?…

Hospitalist List Dissatisfaction-Common Symptoms and Solutions

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A common complaint we hear often at tradeshows and conferences from hospitalists and providers about list dissatisfaction: “the list making is unfair. I feel like I am seeing more patients…

The Patient Distribution Process: Manual or Automated in 2024?

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Are your providers often complaining about burnout or uneven workloads? Could there be a tool out there to help you cut time in creating a daily rounding list, decrease provider…

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