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Outpatient Infusion Reimbursements | Outpatient Infusion Coding and Automation Videos: Part 2

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Are you maximizing your outpatient infusion reimbursements? Does your system automatically bill for the initial code you will get reimbursed the most for? Millions of dollars could be being left…

The Extra Work in Creating Rounding Lists Manually or Automated: Hospital A vs. Hospital B

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How do your patients get assigned to providers every day? If you’re doing it manually with the help of a good friend named Excel, or in your EHR, there’s a…

How Much Money Are You Leaving on the ED Table? | Outpatient Infusion Coding and Automation Videos: Part 1

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Outpatient infusion billing is complex - and because of that, you could be leaving thousands or millions of dollars on the table due to underbilled outpatient infusion services, especially with…
charge capture in hospital

Charge Capture vs. Charge Entry

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Charge entry and charge capture are two very important parts of the billing cycle and may also be referred to as the reconciliation process. To maximize reimbursements, it is important…

6 Things That Differentiate Our Implementation Process From Others

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Inside Medaptus’ Consultative Approach to Software Implementations  As my career has progressed in healthcare technology consulting to where I am today – a Senior Clinical Implementation Consultant – so too…

What to Expect at the Medaptus Academy

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We are launching our first ever virtual conference called Medaptus Academy and it will take place on November 14-15th. You will be able to choose the sessions you would like…

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Organizing your Patient Assignment Process: Attending-Based vs. Team-Based Assignment Models

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During a patient’s “journey” in the hospital, they may be seen by many different caregivers: Admitting, attending and subspecialty providers, just to name a few. This can be an overwhelming…
Nurse delivers infusion to a patient

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Infusion Billing: Why Outpatient Infusion Billing is Much More Complex

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Whenever I’ve spoken to anybody that does outpatient infusion coding and billing, and I mention how complex and difficult it can be to accurately code outpatient infusion services, I get…

FAQ: Integrating Epic with our Patient Assignment Software, Assign

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Can you integrate with Epic? This seems to be a popular question we receive when we’re demonstrating our patient assignment software, Assign. And the answer is quite simple: yes. In…

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