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What to Look for in a Charge Capture Solution Vendor

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Looking at your strategic suppliers for 2023 for charge capture? Learn the top four criteria to evaluate them.

Introducing Documentation Integration for medaptus Charge Pro

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Using the Documentation module for Charge Pro, healthcare organizations can easily centralize, store and access documentation to support charge entry and reconciliation.

A Modern Approach to Patient Assignment: Q+A with Northwell’s Nocturnists

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How Northwell Health transformed their manual patient assignment process from taking hours to just minutes, with Assign.
patient distribution

Times are Changing – What’s Fuelling the Move to Automate Patient Assignment?

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With over 20 years in healthcare, Rhonda Cook, RN shares her insights on why healthcare orgs want to automate patient assignment - helping nurses stay focused on providing care, rather…

Why Healthcare Organizations Believe Patient Assignment is so Complex

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With record-high burnout and labor shortages, it's never been more important to make sure your patient assignment process is easy, efficient - and automated.

Top 5 Articles on the Benefits of Automating Your Daily Patient Assignment Process

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Besides just time savings, automating your patient assignment process can improve patient care and reduce lengths of stay. Here's how.

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How To Reduce Medical Professional Exhaustion and Improve Patient Care

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Healthcare workers - from physicians to nurses to coders and everyone in between - are exhausted. Here's how to improve that and make their days a little easier.
Hospital medicine staff improving their patient assignment process with Assign.

Medaptus Named One of the Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management Solutions in 2022

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Medaptus has been named one of the Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management Solutions 2022 for its performance technology and workflow optimization capabilities.   Black Book Research, a full-service healthcare-centric market research…
Hospital revenue, medaptus

Stop Letting Hospital Revenue Slip Through the Cracks

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A round-up of our top 6 articles on how to capture all of your hospital revenue.  Hospitals lose 3-5% of their revenue each year due to insufficient clinical documentation and…

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