Coffee & Conversations Webinar Series

Introducing a new webinar series called Coffee & Conversations that will give you a chance to hear from subject matter experts about the latest trends and debates in the healthcare technology industry.

The Truth About AI Coding Automation In Healthcare

July 31, 2024 | FREE Webinar | 2:00 PM ET

There’s a lot of buzz about AI and automation in healthcare – but what does it actually mean to use AI for medical automation? How will it impact how you currently operate? Can you trust AI to accurately code your charges? What factors do you need to consider before implementing an AI solution? And is there a difference between AI and coding automation?

Join us for a webinar with Gary Bernklow, who’s been doing coding automation before it was even popular, to learn:

  • What AI means for medical coding and the healthcare industry
  • The truth about the AI hype
  • The difference between AI coding and coding automation (hint: it makes a big impact on labor and efficiencies)
  • Key things to consider when you evaluate an AI solution
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