Until we can manage time,
we can manage nothing else.

Peter F. Drucker

Our Solutions

At MedAptus, we make care coordination possible by fully integrating a suite of software products such as  automated patient assignment, secure communications and charge capture to create a patient-centric digital framework of care.


Don’t miss patients or extend length of stays. Match the right patient with the right provider every shift and every day with the first customizable, protocol-based patient assignment platform.

ASSIGN for Physicians
ASSIGN for Nurses

Workload imbalances lead to staff inefficiencies, staff burnout and weaker patient outcomes.

Patient assignment software

Secure communications isn’t only as good as the level of adoption.


What good is a secure text messaging tool if no one is using it?  Choose the best communications platform that makes care team coordination possible. RapidConnect makes it easy to connect with care team members both inside and outside the hospital. 


MedAptus has been leading charge capture for nearly 20 years, including developing the only computer-generated charge capture technology for infusion.

Charge Capture PRO
Charge Capture INFUSION
Charge Capture FACILITY

Revenue optimization can be achieved with better charge capture.

charge capture

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