Automate, optimize and balance patient assignment.
Integrate Assign with your EHR and scheduling system.

Stop spending time manually creating rounding lists that aren't optimized and start achieving the highest levels of patient care and provider satisfaction.

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Assign 2-Minute Overview
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Only EHR-Integrated Patient Assignment Solution for the Healthcare Industry

Assign is the healthcare industry’s only patient assignment tool that integrates seamlessly with EHRs and physician scheduling systems.

Simplify even the most complex patient assignment process.

It only takes four simple steps to create a morning rounding list with Assign - regardless of complexity and census size.

Step 1

Import patient census

Import your patient census for the day directly from your EHR.

Step 2

Import provider schedule

Import your provider schedule for the day directly from your physician scheduling software or upload your schedule file.

Step 3

Run rules engine

Run your patient assignments based on the rules you select, in the order you define.

Commonly used patient assignment rules fall into four main categories:

  1. Patient and Provider Continuity
  2. Provider Handoff/Succession
  3. Geography
  4. Patient Attributes
Step 4

Finalize and distribute assignments

Review, edit, finalize and distribute rounding lists to providers and sync the assignments with your EHR.

Healthcare organizations that use Assign experience…

Better patient care

Spend more time on patient care, less time on administrative tasks.

Reduction of avoidable days

Meet departmental length of stay objectives and reduce costs of avoidable days.

Improved continuity of care and safety

Assign the same patients to the same providers on a daily basis for improved continuity and safety.

Higher provider satisfation

Reduce provider burnout with fair and balanced workloads.

Actionable insights

Use real-time and historical insights to improve the hospital medicine program.

Scalablity across the organization

Implement in one facility or department and easily scale to others.

Start creating fair, balanced rounding lists in less than 30 minutes each morning.

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See how much time and money you could save by automating patient assignment

What our customers are saying about Assign

“You help us ensure continuity of care and that the right people get assigned to the right patients. ”

Dr. SharmaLead Nocturnist, Northwell Health

It would be impossible to keep geography in mind, manually, without having an entire FTE do that all night long. It wouldn’t be possible without an automated program. All of that takes maybe 10-15 minutes as opposed to three hours like before.

Dr. RosenthalLead Nocturnist, Northwell Health

20-30 minutes? It’s very conservative number. Realistically 10-15 minutes max. Completely different and much easier work flow. Critically important to have immediate assignment change in EMR eliminating any possible delays in care.
Love it!

Dr. KraydmanHospitalist Director, Catholic Health Good Samaritan Hospital

See how Northwell Health improved efficiency and patient care. 

Northwell reduced time spent on manual patient assignment from 3 hours to 10-15 minutes and is confident that the right providers are always assigned to the right patients.


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Start creating fair, balanced rounding lists in less than 30 minutes each morning.

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