medaptus’ automated infusion software helps healthcare organizations automatically capture missing revenue from previously underreported outpatient infusion billing.


Boston, MA, August 1st – medaptus, a leader in revenue cycle software with the medical industry’s only fully automated infusion coding software, announced today that Banner Health has chosen to expand their use of medaptus’ Charge Infusion software to 19 more facilities, for a total of 22 facilities.

Banner, one of the largest nonprofit hospital systems in the country, with 30 acute-care hospitals and several specialized facilities in six states, began using medaptus’ Charge Infusion software in 2011 to capture more infusion revenue and reduce the burden of infusion coding.

Banner is going live with the automated version of Charge Infusion, which automates the process of infusion coding and billing, resulting in:

  • Increased revenue
  • Accelerated cash flow for infusion billing
  • 100% compliant billing for fully automated infusions
  • Optimized coder workflows and efficiencies

Outpatient infusion coding is notoriously complex. The reimbursement for outpatient infusion coding is determined primarily based on the duration of the drugs that are infused, while also considering factors such as the type and dosage of medication. There are also specific rules around the hierarchies of drugs billed that can help you maximize your reimbursement amount. Often times, these calculations are done manually which is time-consuming and prone to human error. All of this is automated with medaptus’ Charge Infusion software.

Charge Infusion is the industry’s first and only fully automated infusion coding software that integrates directly with EHRs. Healthcare organizations that use Charge Infusion typically experience a minimum 10-20% revenue increase, 100% compliant billing, and significant productivity increases.

Using medaptus’ Charge Infusion software to automate Banner Health’s outpatient infusion coding billing removes the manual labor involved today and reduces the potential for billing errors, which can frequently occur when calculating infusion billing manually. As of March 2023, all Banner Health facilities were live with the fully automated infusion coding software.

“Banner is always looking for innovative ways to improve processes and reduce cost,” said Lori Oswalt, Director of Revenue Integrity at Banner Health. “Leveraging Charge Infusion improved billing accuracy and efficiency in our facilities. Expanding this software to additional Banner facilities will help us continue to automate the complex billing processes related to infusion services.”

“Healthcare organizations today are being challenged with more constraints than ever before – labor shortages, turnover, and resource constraints especially in coding and operations,” said Malachi Charbonneau, General Manager, medaptus. “As hospitals review budgets to fund new software, the projects that get approved are ones that generate a clear ROI. Charge Infusion not only captures missing charges and increases revenue but also automates infusion coding that was previously done manually – reducing workforce labor constraints and minimizing internal resources, making it a clear decision for hospitals.”

About medaptus

medaptus’ intelligent, EHR-integrated solutions help hospitals and health care organizations increase revenue, improve efficiency, and focus on patient care by automating and streamlining inefficient, time-consuming charge capture, revenue management, reconciliation, and patient assignment processes.

Its award-winning software has been trusted by hundreds of hospitals and thousands of physicians across the United States for 20+ years, including Beth Israel Lahey Health, CoxHealth, Northwell Health, Banner Health, BayCare Health System, and more. Learn more at medaptus.com.

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