BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – April 24th, 2024 – Medaptus is pleased to announce that Banner Health has chosen Medaptus’ Charge Pro software to improve compliant, accurate, and timely revenue capture, reduce manual labor, and create real-time reconciliation dashboards to decrease reconciliation lag and increase real-time view of missed professional charges.

Before Charge Pro, Banner Health was manually reconciling charges across multiple facilities.

With Charge Pro, Banner can improve their revenue integrity by reducing the number of missing charges. In addition, Charge Pro will automate the matching of billable services with charges received – reducing what is sometimes referred to as “manual detective work” and leverage resources in different areas where needed to improve patient’s access to their billing documents in a timely manner.

New reporting dashboards will confirm 100% of charge reconciliation and improve the revenue leakage and reconciliation lag to ensure that Banner is compensated for care that is provided. These real-time reconciliation dashboards will offer a flexible, high-level overview of charges for easy navigation for team members.

With this new endeavor, Banner is now using all three of Medaptus’ solutions.

“Our partnership with Medaptus marks a transformative step forward in healthcare efficiency. By leveraging Charge Pro beyond charge reconciliation, we are pioneering a new era of precision and effectiveness in healthcare administration, ” said Lou Ellen Parsons, Director, Hospital Medicine, at Banner Medical Group.

“Professional charge reconciliation has been the core of what Medaptus has been solving for over 20 years. This is especially difficult in the inpatient setting tracking multiple providers over hundreds of patients over different hospitalization lengths. Simplistically, our customers should expect to get reimbursed for every patient they see, and we are thrilled to be driving that forward by creating innovative workflow tools for them,” said Malachi Charbonneau, General Manager at Medaptus

 About Medaptus

Medaptus’ intelligent, EHR-integrated solutions help hospitals and healthcare organizations increase revenue, improve efficiency, and focus on patient care by automating and streamlining inefficient, time-consuming charge capture, revenue management, reconciliation, and patient assignment processes. Our award-winning software is trusted by hundreds of hospitals and thousands of physicians across the United States for 20+ years. Learn more at www.medaptus.com.

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Director, Marketing


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