Still spending hours manually assigning patients every morning? Are hospitalists complaining about uneven workloads? 

As one hospitalist told us, “No one wants to create the list every day!” Creating the daily patient assignment list is time-consuming, manual, and often delays care – meaning nurses and providers are waiting on information at the start of their shifts to find out who they need to see.  

There’s a better way to do your daily patient assignment process.  

Assign, our automated patient assignment solution, can help you:  

  • Automate the patient assignment process – instead of spending hours doing it manually, spend just a few minutes a day  
  • Fairly balance provider workloads – no more complaints about their patient lists  
  • Consider factors like geography or maintaining continuity of care  
  • Integrated with your EHR, so patient assignments are centralized and updated automatically  

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Since using Assign, our patient assignment process is completely different. It’s a much easier workflow. It’s been critically important to have immediate assignment changes in the EHR in real-time, since it eliminates any possible delays in care. All of this takes us 10-15 minutes a day, instead of hours like before.

Dr. Val KraydmanHospital Director, Good Samaritan University Hospital