Charge Pro captures and manages revenue with complete transparency

A comprehensive platform that uses automation to re-engineer charge processing for exception-based workflow and productivity gains

Charge Pro eliminates revenue leakage by capitalizing on all charge opportunities and remedying habitual coding challenges

medaptus' Charge Pro platform delivers measurable return based on improved charge capture, more timely billing and an exception-based business office workflow

medaptus creates charges

For healthcare organizations interested in provider-originated charge documentation, rounding list integration, iPhones and more

medaptus processes charges

Technology that accepts charges from EHRs, intuits missed revenue and performs review, criteria holds, manager queuing, and more

medaptus shares insight

A package of KPI visualizations for insight around patterns, outliers and trends that impact your bottom line

Charge Capture

Though medaptus’ Charge Pro platform offers robust provider-centric features and intuitive navigation, the solution is also available on iPhones and Android devices and from within most commercially available EHRs. Proven benefits include better service revenue capture, faster time to bill, and automated compliance with payer requirements.

For the clinic or center seeking better capture of technical charges for infusion-based services, medaptus’ Charge Infusion offering enables automated documentation of what can be highly complex encounters.

Operational Charge Management

Charge Capture is only part of the revenue enhancement equation. For true, measurable revenue improvement to occur, there is work to be done beyond the point of care. This is where operational charge management enters the picture. Only medaptus has the unique ability to integrate charges created in an EHR and/or ancillary system(s) with our complex coding rules, work queues, and review logic. This is all visibile to CBO personnel via an online dashboard. This gives stakeholders increased transparency of real-time charge activity for charge reconciliation, coding error review, encounter editing and provider messaging.


Finally the last piece of the medaptus trio of revenue cycle management offerings, the Charge Pro Analytics suite enables customers to achieve higher return via better insight into their own financial and operational data.  The standard set of key performance visualizations include reporting on charge lag drivers, coding risks, and range variances as well as workflow enablers.

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