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Assign manages safe and equitable patient distribution at desired thresholds

Addressing burnout is a renewed focus for many hospitals as a result of COVID

Provider burnout has long been on the minds of hospital executives, but the COVID crisis elevated the challenge into our national consciousness. There is no magic bullet to cure this modern phenomenon, but there are tools that can improve certain aspects.

Consider the daily process of assigning patients to providers. At many hospitals, this happens manually. This is also the source of frustration for many providers - from the process itself, to the ultimate distribution. What hospitalist hasn't experienced the feeling of getting the most, or the sickest, patients? Or a workload that feels unbalanced against peers. This leads to tension and can damage a provider that already feels like s/he lacks autonomy or a lack of control.

Provider safety and well being starts with assignment

So just how does Assign help here? First of all, we remove the burden of distribution from the hospital medicine team.  No more spreadsheets, multiple open windows, reliance on memory. Assign uses data to make the best patient-to-provider assignment. So by removing this burden from a team and using information technology — our integration of provider schedules information along with patient admission and clinical data sets the stage for our rules engine to build ‘the list’ in accordance with your team’s requirements.

Customers of Assign report that the software also lends transparency to the distribution process which providers like. There is no secret or guessing as to how assignments are made. Thresholds are upheld and should any potential safety issues be identified – a provider that is immunosuppressed during an COVID surge as an example – medaptus can process those assignments with ease and accuracy.

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