Professional Charge Capture

Applications for initiating charge capture from within the medaptus platform

Replace paper forms or time-consuming EHR data entry with provider-centric, intuitive charge capture

KLAS-leading medaptus has been deploying charge capture applications to multi-specialty medical groups and single specialty teams for over twenty years

Our award-winning mobile charge capture solutions are supported on iPhone and Android devices and are interoperable with all commercial EHRs

Experts in charge capture at the point-of-care

While many organizations are looking to work with medaptus as a charge management solution, others are in need of help originating compliant charges with ease. medaptus was actually an early leader in the physician mobile computing space, launching its first charge capture app in the year 2000. Twenty years later our charge capture applications, mobile and web-based, continue to support providers rounding at multiple hospitals, unique workflow requirements of multi-specialty groups, and the central business office still struggling with paper.

For groups looking to improve timeliness with mobile charge capture, or perhaps a more robust solution that can be customized to support specialties from Allergy to Urology and everything in between, medaptus can meet a wide range of needs related to professional revenue capture. Our features and functions that originate charges are intuitive to providers. Charges, including E&M visits, office and bedside procedures, and time-based services, can be captured in seconds thanks to provider-centric design and workflow support.

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