Professional Services Catalog


Medaptus Professional Services

Job Shadowing

Provide a write up of action item and create an optimization package in work order format for approval

Reports Training

Understand the organizations needs for dashboards and potential custom reports

Level 1 Technical Support Workshop

Handle simple issues on premises without having to call support and wait in line for a resolution

Job Shadowing

Medaptus professional services team will review provider, coder, and other users workflows to provide a detailed write-up of findings and recommendations. 


  • Using most streamlined workflow with minimal amount of clicks  
  • Easily finding patients via rounding lists/charge grid  
  • Shortcuts and diagnosis search evaluation  
  • Access to charge reconciliation to ensure all charges are entered  


  • Workflow review of scrubbing and reconciliation process  
  • Hold Queues 
  • Reporting  
  • Custom Rules 
  • Top 10 Denials 

Super Users /Level 1 Technical Support  

  • PGL Review 
  • Shortcuts  
  • Custom rules 
  • Jobs 
  • Rounding Lists 
  • Common issues/support calls  

Reports Training

Work with management to understand their KPIs used to make important business decisions at their organization and guide them to the reports that will provide them with this data.  Understand the organization’s needs for dashboards and potential custom reports. 

Meeting with a group determined by the client site 

  • KPI Discussion – what metrics are important for measuring success?  
  • Review of standard reports and basic functionality  
  • Scheduling/Sending reports 
  • Custom Reporting / Dashboard needs 

Level 1 Technical Support Workshop

  • This is very helpful for sites that have dealt with turnover and have new staff supporting medaptus.  We can get their teams up to speed so that they can handle simple issues on-premises without having to call support and wait in line for a resolution.  
  • medaptus PS team will work with a group that supports medaptus. 
    • System overview 

      • PGL 
      • Integration  
      • Basic functionality by user type (Provider, coder, superuser) 
      • Common issues and questions 
      • Troubleshooting steps  

New Customer  

New employee/turnover/need an overview of Charge Pro/Assign/Infusion  

“Veterans” Customers  

  • Check-ins 
  • Best practices 
  • New features  
  • Optimizations  

Why you should sign up for training?  

  • Talking points to share with your boss/to get budget  
  • If you’re new, you may not be aware of the full functionality
  • If you’ve been using the software for a while, we have annual updates that you may not be taking advantage of (contact us and we can tell you exactly)  

How much time and money does it cost?  

On-site if possible  

  • Varies depending on the client, their budget, and the size of the project we would put together customized packages
  • Maybe we could ballpark it but putting a price in the catalog may be hard to do

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