At medaptus, we’ve been delivering technology solutions to healthcare organizations for more than 20 years. Over these years, we’ve continuously seen the impact that automating complex, manual and inefficient processes have on hospital revenue, efficiency and patient care. This impact is what drives us to continue to innovate and deliver new and enhanced charge capture solutions to our growing customer base.  

Charge Pro, our award-winning charge capture solution, is a modular, EHR-integrated intelligence-based system that healthcare organizations use to close the gaps in their revenue cycles, specifically between time-of-service and post-service where the most revenue leakage typically happens. 

“We noticed that there’s a gap in the market, which is why we developed our Charge Pro product in the first place and why we continue to expand its features and functionality as the needs of healthcare organizations evolve,” says Malachi Charbonneau, General Manager, medaptus. 

We recently launched two new modules for Charge Pro. The first is Consult, the second is Documentation, in response to market and customer demand.  

Charge Pro Consult Module 

Using the Consult module for Charge Pro, healthcare organizations can quickly and easily assign patients to multiple consult providers and any associated advanced practice providers (APPs) each day, for team-based rounding. This ensures consult patients are being seen on time, and that all of the charges for consults are being accounted for and captured accurately. 

Consult helps: 

  • Support team-based consult rounding 
  • Identify and track consult patients 
  • Ensure patients are seen and discharged on time 
  • Increase patient safety 
  • Reduce time spent creating sub-specialty rounding lists 
  • Capture consult charges and revenue accurately  

“This enhancement enables hospitals to not only track and manage consult requests, but also the full census of consults that are requested for each of their sub-specialties. Now, with our Charge Pro solution, hospitals can quickly and easily assign patients to multiple consult providers each day, and adjust to team-based rounding with APPs if desired, to ensure consult patients are being seen on time, and that all of the charges for consults are being captured accurately,” says Charbonneau. 

Charge Pro Documentation Module 

Using the Documentation module for Charge Pro, healthcare organizations can easily centralize, store and access documentation to support charge entry and reconciliation.  

Documentation helps: 

  • Increase efficiency and accuracy of coder workflows 
  • Store and reference documents easily and securely in a single system 
  • View documentation in the same window as your charge capture entry screen 
  • Easily access documentation needed to submit payment for every encounter  
  • Centralize and create a single source of truth for documentation  

“Our Documentation module is truly one of a kind. Coders no longer have to jump back and forth between their charge entry screen and a clinical documentation system when adding and editing charges, which makes their workflow significantly more efficient and accurate. Coders can review more charges per day, which lowers cost per encounter and speeds up payment,” says Charbonneau.  

These are just two of the latest enhancements to our Charge Pro solution, which continues to be trusted by healthcare organizations across the United States for over 20 years. Learn more about Charge Pro and our newest modules.Request a demo of Charge Pro today! 

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