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Top 5 Articles on the Benefits of Automating Your Daily Patient Assignment Process

We hear it from prospects every day – daily patient assignment is an administrative burden that puts a drag on productivity and contributes to healthcare professional burnout. There is a better way. The better way involves automating your patient assignment process, reducing it to only 30 minutes a day.   The benefits go beyond time savings. Our customers report the following…
Malachi Charbonneau
August 12, 2022
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Five Easy Ways to Enhance Provider Coding Compliance

Today more than 200,000 certified medical coders work to support the documentation and billing needs of provider organizations large and small. Until widespread adoption of EHRs happened, these professionals relied on thick codebooks and training courses. Thankfully today’s advanced clinical systems usually have some degree of coding capability to lessen the onus on coders, but errors still happen given the…
Zach Tavano
July 7, 2021