Infusion Services

Compliant coding automation for accurate capture of these complex service charges

Find additional revenue that often goes under-reported

medaptus' software readily handles the complexity associated with adherence to the infusion services coding hierarchy for maximal payment.

Less Administrative Work

Automation replaces tasks typically carried out by nurses or a team of coding personnel.

Leverages Existing IT

Fits within a hospital's systems infrastructure to receive data inputs and expedite billing

Increases Service Revenue

Ensures compliance with infusion coding rules that are logically complex

Computer-Assisted Coding

Our unique automation applies correcting coding to an encounter involving the infused delivery of medication or fluids. The timing, infusion type, and drug are all that medaptus’ technology requires to process the correct charge for the visit.  This information can be entered into medaptus by a nurse; ideally it is automatically fed to medaptus from the source electronic medical records system. The solution has been deployed in several world-class cancer centers with the demonstrated effect of better revenue capture and more importantly, more patient face time for their nurses. Hospital customers report better revenue capture in their ERs since hydration is easily under-coded.

How it Works

Charge Infusion from medaptus automatically converts infusion start/stop times into code and then automatically sends the code to billing –with no intervention from a nurse, coder, or another resource. This approach improves operations, ensures 100% compliance, and provides additional revenue from capturing unreported or habitually under-reported infusion times.

To learn more, download a Charge Infusion Insider Brief: Six Challenges with Infusion Coding

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