Reducing Length of Stay

Support for inpatient continuity of care during reduces avoidable days

Maintain provider continuity during and across hospitalizations

Leverage existing patient relationships and historical knowledge.

When hospitalist teams apply manual labor to the daily assignment process, it becomes difficult to maintain continuity of care beyond a few consecutive days of an admission. Yet studies consistently show that this is a key factor in helping get patients home sooner.

Streamlining patient flow starts with assignment

Hospital leaders are continuously seeking solutions to improve patient care and operational efficiency. Medical floor patient throughput is one reflection of progress here. But EHRs aren’t capable of directing these interactions because they are orientated around individual patient data records.

Our Assign platform significantly impacts patient throughput by assigning the right provider to the right patient at admission; enabling our logic to maintain continuity means more familiarity with the patient’s case and social/family history for the attending. Being able to make medical decisions faster and eliminate redundant testing are factors that can decrease hospital length of stay. And this is more important than ever given concerns about hospital acquired conditions such as COVID.

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