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What is Hospital Charge Reconciliation?

Working in and around revenue cycle technology for so long, we often communicate about features and benefits in shorthand. With so many different types of health information solutions, ownership models, service lines and so forth, sometimes we talk about things in an unknown, or jargon-y language without even realizing it. Take charge reconciliation as an example. At medaptus this means…
Malachi Charbonneau
September 15, 2020
BlogDr. Secan's Insights

Small sinks – what’s with that?

I guess it’s time to talk about product design again.  Please, when you make a new product (or a new version of an old product), please keep your users in mind.  Think about and understand how they’re supposed to use your product, and make sure it meets their needs.  As an example, (and I realize that this may not be…
Ryan Secan
August 27, 2020

medaptus Celebrates 20 Years of Health Technology Innovation

BOSTON, August 25, 2020 – For 20 years medaptus has applied information technology to solve problems that are common and costly to healthcare organizations. To mark its twentieth anniversary, the company recently provided an update on its extensive technology capabilities grounded in interoperability. medaptus was originally founded as a mobile computing company that was part of a robust wave of…
August 25, 2020
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