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Making Disparate EHR and Billing Systems Sing

In our 20 years of charge capture and revenue cycle management business, medaptus has seen firsthand how disparate systems that don’t easily share patient information create operational bottlenecks that are remedied with human resources and/or paper. Consider the clinic that loves its EHR and its billing system – but these systems are managed by different vendors. So they don’t easily…
Mark Czerlinsky
May 26, 2020

Do we Need to Rethink our Hospitalization Criteria?

At multiple hospitals where I practice, I’ve seen the same thing. Lots of patients with COVID-19, but many fewer patients with all of the usual hospital medicine problems we manage – heart attacks, strokes, diverticulitis, syncope, rapid A-Fib, and so forth. Why are we seeing fewer of these patients?  Best guess is that people are staying home and managing as…
Ryan Secan
May 13, 2020

How we Support the Designation of HPUs During the COVID-19 Crisis

The medaptus Assign solution automates the complexities of daily physician to patient assignments to improve safety and outcomes. In the face of the COVID-19 health crisis, hospitals are creating high precaution units to prevent the spread of the virus during treatment. Assign can be configured to operationalize the staffing protocols necessary to protect physicians and patients, while minimizing the usage of…
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April 10, 2020