Charge Capture

The KLAS-leading Charge Pro platform offers robust provider-centric charge capture features and intuitive navigation. The charge capture software is also available on iPhones and Android devices and from within most commercially available EHRs. Proven benefits include better service revenue capture, faster time to bill, and automated compliance with payer rules.

Patient Assign

The Assign platform automates rounding workflows starting with balanced patient distribution. Assign is the hospital industry’s only intelligent patient assignment technology that aligns patients with attending/admitting providers based on patient type, history, staffing availability, workload limits and more. Assign integrates with hospital EHRs such as Epic and Cerner to drive hospitalist efficiency and well-being.

Charge Infusion

The medaptus Charge Infusion platform applies correcting coding to an encounter involving the infused delivery of medication or fluids. The timing, infusion type, and drug are all that medaptus’ technology requires to process the correct charge for the visit. This information can be entered into medaptus by a nurse or coder; ideally it is automatically fed to medaptus from the hospital EHR (Cerner, Epic). The solution has been deployed in several world-class cancer centers with the demonstrated effect of better revenue capture and more importantly, more patient face time for their nurses.

How much money are you leaving on the ED table?  | Part 1

Charge Infusion solution helps hospital systems discover the amount of revenue they could be leaving on the emergency room table. 35% of ER visits require an infusion. Start and stop times greatly impact your billing and are often forgotten. Up to 50% of hydration infusions are documented incorrectly, which can result in millions in missed revenue.

Outpatient Infusion Reimbursements | Part 2

Are you maximizing your outpatient infusion reimbursements? Does your system automatically bill for the initial code you will get reimbursed the most for? Millions of dollars could be being left on the table for your organization.

Are Your Infusion Billing Services Inefficient? | Part 3

Too many coders working on the same incorrect charges every day? Is it taking 3-4 days for your charges to get out the door?  Learn how to have happier coders, more productivity, labor savings, and more infusion revenue on the table. Medaptus can help.