Do you have too many coders working on the same incorrect charges every day? Is it taking 3-4 days for your charges to get out the door? Medaptus can help.

If you prefer to read the script, it can be found below.

Are your coders doing the same repetitive coding tasks every single day? Are they reviewing the same types of charges, fixing the same types of errors, day in and day out?

How many coders touch each charge? How many coders do you have to employ to do your infusion coding?

There is a much better and more productive way to get your infusion charges out the door – without throwing more resources or staff at the problem.

Using our Charge Infusion software, the industry’s only fully automated infusion coding tool, your coders will no longer need to do the same repetitive tasks every single day. They won’t have to even touch every single charge, because our system is built to automate as much of your infusion coding as possible.

Your coders shouldn’t have to review every charge – just the ones that are problematic, and that’s what our system flags for you, while making sure all the other charges are coded correctly and sent to billing with no manual intervention.

If it takes you 3-4 days to get infusion services coded correctly and billed, we can do it much quicker, which means more revenue back in your pocket.

In today’s labor shortage, you want to use your coders as effectively as possible – so instead of them reviewing the same types of charges, every single day, you can let Charge Infusion do that work faster and better, and redirect coders to other areas of the business where they’re needed.

The end result?

More infusion revenue on the table.

Happier coders who don’t need to do the same repetitive task every day.

Labor savings.

And improved productivity.

Learn more about Medaptus’ Charge Infusion: the industry’s only EHR-integrated, automated infusion billing software, and find out how you could improve productivity of your coders and save time and money by automating your infusion coding.

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