Medaptus’ Assign Software Automates the Process of Creating Daily Patient Assignments Ensuring Fair, Balanced Provider Workloads

BOSTON, MA – February 6, 2024 – Medaptus, a leading healthcare provider of healthcare technology solutions, is pleased to announce that The Queen’s Health System, the largest private non-profit hospital in Hawaii, has chosen Medaptus’ Assign software to improve their patient assignment process. This collaboration will drastically reduce the cumbersome, manual work hospitalists used to do in order to create daily patient assignments.

Medaptus’ Assign software is the industry’s only EHR-integrated patient assignment solution, which automates and optimizes even the most complex patient assignment process. Assign removes the manual burden of creating daily patient assignment lists and instead uses advanced rules and algorithms to determine which patient should be seen by which provider, based on the factors that are most important to the healthcare system, such as maintaining continuity of care, balancing physician workloads, or preserving geography for a particular provider team.

Like many healthcare organizations, The Queen’s Health System’s process of creating and distributing morning patient assignments was time-consuming and completely manual – requiring physicians to spend time on this administrative burden instead of patient care.

As their daily patient census increased to over 350, typically running at 101% capacity, it became even more difficult to manually assign patients to the right providers every day, while trying to manually ensure balanced loads for providers, and while trying to preserve geography amongst their large campus made up of 14 geographic regions.

With this new partnership, The Queen’s Health System transforms their time-consuming, manual patient assignment process to an automated process that creates the daily assignments in just a few steps each morning.

Since Assign is integrated with their Epic EHR system, Assign automatically pulls the patient census from Epic, utilizing their Epic treatment teams, and assigns the patients to the right providers, based on the rules running in the background that The Queen’s Health System chooses (such as prioritizing geography or continuity of care).

Not only does this save them time, but it also ensures workload balancing amongst their providers. This improved physician experience creates an improved patient experience.

“We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Medaptus to automate our patient assignment process, and quickly and easily assign patients with minimal manual work, all while easily taking into account geography and workload balancing,” said Alexandra Wroe, Vice President for Patient Care at The Queen’s Health System. “We’re looking forward to also enhancing our patient assignment process to take into account factors that we could never do manually such as continuity of care, which enables us to provide a better patient experience.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with The Queen’s Health System to address the challenges of the patient assignment process and ensure a smoother experience for their physicians and patients,” said Malachi Charbonneau, General Manager at Medaptus. “Assign’s unique capabilities will revolutionize the assignment process, enabling The Queen’s Health System to not only ensure fair workloads, but also improve efficiency, ensure continuity of care for patients, and manage geography across their complex campus. We look forward to a successful partnership and making a positive impact on the healthcare experience at The Queen’s Health System.”


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