We recently hosted our second annual, highly anticipated virtual user event exclusively for Charge Pro and Assign customers.  The day was dedicated to increasing efficiency, maximizing revenue, and helping our customers uncover tips and tricks. We hope everyone found the sessions valuable and learned a little about where Medaptus is headed in the future! 

Malachi Charbonneau, General Manager at medaptus, opened the Academy with a keynote about what to expect at the conference and the outcomes from the sessions. 

The day started with a popular “Charge Pro Refresher for Coders and Health Check” session by Bob Osgood, Senior Project Manager at Medaptus, and Dave Corbett, Director of Customer Success at Medaptus. Bob and Dave led an insightful reminder on reconciling charges and where coders can find helpful information about patients, charges, and audit logs.  

Later, Tim McCoy, Director of Engineering at Medaptus, provided a sneak peek of what’s to come for Charge Pro, Assign, and Charge Infusion over the next year. Tim also touched on the future of computer-assisted coding, a hot topic in the healthcare software space lately.  

One of the academy’s most anticipated sessions was “The Discharge Tax at Catholic Health with Dr. Val,” with Dr. Kraydman, our guest speaker and Hospitalist at Catholic Health, and Jeff Cibotti, senior clinical Implementation Consultant and project Manager at Medaptus.  

This session explained the discharge tax, what it is, and how it could affect your hospitals.  

The solution? Divide the new patients evenly amongst all providers each morning, regardless of their current workloads. This encourages timely and accurate discharges. So for example, if 24 new patients come in and you have 8 hospitalists rounding that day, each hospitalist gets three new patients.  

 Medaptus’ second virtual conference was a huge success. Our speakers provided valuable sessions to customers and attendees and offered insights that will help shape and grow our products in the future. The hands-on training sessions helped customers uncover new and lesser-known product features they can implement immediately to improve key focus areas. 

We hope to see you next year for the Medaptus Academy in 2025! 

Attended the session and want to learn more? Contact us at academy@medaptus.com 

Want to see sessions from 2023? Check out our academy page.  

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