How does Assign work?

Your model, our algorithm, improved efficiency

1. Works with existing patient assignment models

Regardless of how your team aligns patients with providers, medaptus Assign has you covered:

  • Continuity of Care across…
    • Previous hospitalizations
    • Current hospitalization
  • Enhanced Geographic Rounding
    • Combines continuity rules and location logic
  • Service Team Hand-offs
  • Observation Service Assignments
  • ICU Service Teams
  • NP/PA Rounding Teams
  • Teaching Service Teams
  • Nocturnists 

2. Hospitalist-centric features and functions

Built expressly for hospital medicine providers and their unique daily processes:

  • Mobile rounding list application
  • Patient-centric sign out notes
  • Supports patient hand-offs
  • Helps with patient management for throughput gains

3. Enables transparent census management

Logic and support for integrating new admissions into balanced workloads:

  • Track assignment progress throughout the day
  • Maintain established workload thresholds

4. Immediate communication of assignments to the entire team

Distribution of timely assignment lists so that rounds start on time:

  • Email notification
  • medaptus in-app alerts
  • Web-based access
  • Faxing capability
  • Real-time updating of assignments in the EHR (i.e., Epic, Cerner)

5. Rules-based intelligence drives optimal assignments

Assign utilizes custom algorithms based on common hospital medicine rounding criteria that include:

  • Provider workload balancing
  • Provider rounding capacity based on shift
  • Even RVU Distribution
  • Even Work Distribution
  • ICU Step-down Patients
  • Fair and even distribution of patients admitted before/after midnight
  • Discharge-ready Patients
  • COVID patient cohorting
  • Payer specific based on credentialing

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