Improved Operational Efficiency

Assign eliminates barriers to the timely delivery of patient care

Automation and optimization of morning assignments generates efficiency throughout the day.

With Assign in place, the morning patient list is generated even before the 7AM shift change. This means that rounds can start earlier. But that's only the beginning of a ripple effect that optimized attending-to-patient assignment can have for medical unit efficiency.

Beyond generating the list against a set of rules, Assign also sends the list to all team members so there is no confusion around who has what patient. In addition, as patients are admitted over the course of the day, Assign evaluates the census and open schedule information against the needs of new admits in order to make the best assignment.

Achieving better workflow efficiency starts with patient assignment

Hospital leaders are continuously seeking solutions to improve patient care and operational efficiency. Medical floor patient throughput is one reflection of progress here. But EHRs aren’t capable of directing these interactions because they are orientated around individual patient data records.

Our Assign platform fills a gap that exists between EHRs, admission systems and provider schedules. We bring this data together to make strategic alignments that are a win for both care teams and patients. With Assign, hospitalists focus on providing care for their patients – gone are worries or tensions about making the list, updating the list, and receiving the list.  With Assign, patients can be grouped based on admission time, need for H&P, ready for discharge and more to keep throughput moving.

Want to learn more about how Assign enables improved provider efficiency? Take a look at our work with Beth Israel Deaconess-Plymouth.

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