Revenue Cycle KPI Measurement and Analytics

A suite of analytical tools and reports on operational, financial, and compliance trends as surfaced from charge data

Reporting that leverages charge data to identify and support process and revenue improvement opportunities

Designed to locate operational improvements from within the charge data set by looking at charge lag, missing charges, and coder productivity along with other key measures of throughput

Another class of reports looks at coding patterns and E&M distribution, classes of coding errors (i.e., LCD, NCD, modifier) and sources of errors for system refinement and coding education

Analyzing charge data to make operational and revenue gains

The medaptus Charge Pro reporting module incorporates a number of standard performance metrics within a comprehensive set of more than 20 distinct reports. Through a simple and intuitive interface, end-users can customize, schedule and interact with reports that analyze, trend, and benchmark performance using indicators such as physician work output RVUs, charge lag, missing charges, and E&M intensity levels.

For hospitalist or inpatient focused teams, a set of reports unique to admission-based workflow is also available within the medaptus analytics suite. These include standard flow measures looking at new arrivals, high frequency discharges, and readmissions in order to support assignment decisions, support team-based quality programs, and help with near-time staffing decisions.

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