Charge and Documentation Reconciliation

Prevents lost and missing charges by ensuring completeness and timeliness – regardless of source system

Effective charge management is the backbone of a strong revenue integrity program

medaptus can accept charges from EHR or ancillary systems to create complete transparency along with proactively applying compliance rules, identifying missed revenue opportunities, and reconciliating charges-to-documentation

Provider organizations with multiple, disparate IT systems rely on medaptus to seamlessly normalize and aggregate multiple charge data streams to ensure revenue wholeness with less overhead

How does charge management work in medaptus?

The first challenge is “knowing what you don’t know” – that a charge is to be expected. medaptus accepts data feeds from scheduling, practice, EHR, ADT systems or even documentation to create a recorded chargeable event to reconcile against. As charges are processed into medaptus, reconciliation happens in real time. The coding accuracy of charge is reviewed simultaneously so that clean charges are queued for billing while charges that fail validation are held for supervisor review or documentation checking. Embedded messaging between business and clinical staff enable faster issue resolution since problems can be directly communicated to a responsible provider in near-time.

Customers that leverage medaptus for comprehensive charge management experience a number of benefits across various stakeholders. From the IT department that is looking to leverage core operational systems to the administrative team frustrated overly manual processes, our solution works behind the scenes to use automation in pursuit of 100% capture and submission of billable services.

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