Inpatient Medicine and Hospital Operations

Efficient, optimal patient flow on medical floors is critical to high performing operations

The Assign platform optimizes rounding workflows starting with optimized patient distribution.

medaptus' Assign platform is the hospital industry’s only intelligent patient assignment technology that aligns patients with attending/admitting providers based on patient acuity, history, staffing availability, workload limits and more.

Fewer Avoidable Days

Meet departmental length of stay objectives thanks to timely assignment

Improved Provider Productivity

Informed and timely assignments let provider teams initiate and complete rounds earlier

Ensuring Care Continuity

Eliminating discontinuous care is associated with shorter length of stays

Addressing Medical Unit Patient Flow Issues

Hospitalist and other inpatient teams spend a significant amount of time on a daily basis determining which doctors will be rounding on which admitted patients. The core issue is that on any given day, there is no set patient schedule, just a list of patients needing to be seen. Complicating this matter further is that the roster of available providers typically changes on a daily basis and each may have a different patient workload limit. Until now patient distribution has often been managed manually, often on paper, either by an administrative staff member, or at some hospitals, a physician.

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