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Medaptus Named One of the Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management Solutions in 2022

Medaptus has been named one of the Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management Solutions 2022 for its performance technology and workflow optimization capabilities.   Black Book Research, a full-service healthcare-centric market research and public opinion research company, surveyed 1,100 health system financial managers on such topics as customer satisfaction and performance to identify the top 10 revenue cycle management solutions for 2022.    …
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Stop Letting Hospital Revenue Slip Through the Cracks

A round-up of our top 6 articles on how to capture all of your hospital revenue.  Hospitals lose 3-5% of their revenue each year due to insufficient clinical documentation and inaccurate coding, according to HFMA. This is a significant loss even in the best of times. As we enter a phase of financial limitations, capturing this missing 3-5% will become…
Malachi Charbonneau
June 23, 2022
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5 Benefits of an Automated, EHR-Integrated Infusion Charging Solution

Our Charge Infusion solution automates the coding of outpatient intravenous infusions of medicine or fluids. To compute a visit's charge, our system needs data inputs of time, infusion type, and medication, which can be pulled from an EHR like Epic or Cerner. This article explains how we integrate with Epic and Cerner and the benefits to nurses, informatics, and the…
Gary Bernklow
June 8, 2022
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Identify The Missing Gaps in Your Hospital’s Revenue Cycle Process: 25 Insightful Questions to Ask

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking on our webinar, The Missing Gaps in Your Revenue Cycle Process, alongside our General Manager, Malachi Charbonneau.   As a Project Manager at Medaptus, I work directly with many hospitals that each have unique charge management workflows and situations. When a new hospital is onboarded to our Charge Pro product, we do a…
Lisa Schwenker
May 4, 2022

Moved from Paper and Spreadsheets to an EHR, but still having these charge reconciliation bottleneck problems?

So, you have an EHR for charge capture, but are you still manually doing a lot of work to get charges out the door?   These problems might sound familiar:   Practice managers and administrators feel like they are spending too much time and effort reviewing all the charges associated with the patients in their sub-specialty, cross-referencing to see if there are…
Malachi Charbonneau
March 16, 2022

Medical Billing is Tough for Coders and Nurses, But it Doesn’t Have to Be

It’s easy to get medical professionals to speak about their dislike of medical billing and coding. After all, they have been trained in the skills necessary to directly help people with their health problems. They didn’t sign up for mountains of paperwork and regulations that must be navigated in order to be paid for their services. Sure, there are medical…
Gary Bernklow
March 10, 2022
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Why It’s Time to Talk About the Value of Your Hospitalist Program (And How to Calculate How Much Revenue Your Hospitalist Generates) | Part 2

How to Calculate How Much Revenue Your Hospitalist Generates: Part 2  In part one of this article, we were talking about the misconception that hospitalists are just a cost center for a hospital, rather than a revenue-generating program. When you start to look at the metrics they impact, like length of stay, then it’s easier to understand the true value…
Ryan Secan
March 2, 2022
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Why It’s Time to Talk About the Value of Your Hospitalist Program (And How to Calculate How Much Revenue Your Hospitalist Generates) | Part 1

So, what is the value of a hospitalist program and how much revenue does your hospitalist generate? It’s easy to think of your hospitalists as a cost center since the impact they have on revenue generation is not as obvious or clear as other specialties. But when you start to dive into the metrics that hospitalists have the biggest impact…
Ryan Secan
February 23, 2022