The only computer-generated and fully automated charge infusion coding solution in healthcare today is now available in the Epic App Orchard.

Charge INFUSION from medaptus automatically pulls infusion encounters residing in Epic – including patient data, start/stop times and the drugs utilized – runs them through a proprietary rules-based engine comprised of the tens of thousands of rules that codifies the encounters – and then sends clean, compliant coded encounters to Resolute for timely billing.

Because the data is pulled directly from Epic and auto-coded, the billing is 100% compliant, eliminating any audit concerns. The software also frees up nurses or coders to focus on other priority areas, including patient care.

“Most hospitals underreport their infusion charges because of inaccuracies,” said Gene Schneider, medaptus CEO. “In fact, it’s been our experience that hospitals have error rates of 30% or more. This means they’re missing out on revenue that’s owed to them. Charge INFUSION solves that problem by automatically capturing and then converting infusion therapies into billable codes. One cancer center, for example, generated $3.4 million in new revenue in just 9 months from our software.”

In addition to eliminating missed and inaccurately billed revenue, Charge INFUSION also frees up nurses from administrative coding-related work and allows administrators to re-direct coders towards more urgent areas since the software does not require any human intervention.

Charge INFUSION is part of a suite of CHARGECARE software products from medaptus designed to significantly improve charge capture, reconciliation and management for acute-care hospitals. The other products include the flagship software, Charge PRO, which has been named the top mobile charge capture software by KLAS eight out of the last nine years. medaptus also provides charge management software for outpatient services, called Charge FACILITY.

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