For any health information technology start up to last 20 years in a competitive arena with high stakes outcomes, it’s more than luck. It takes vision, commitment, agility, and passion. Those drivers (and the drivers of those drivers – our employees) are what have enabled medaptus to seamlessly transform from a founder of the Mobile Health 1.0 movement (give one of our earliest charge capture product announcements a quick read here) to a workflow optimization workhorse tackling revenue and efficiency challenges at hospitals and provider groups, big and small.

As the year 2020 rolled around, medaptus had started to plan for our twentieth anniversary with a “class reunion” this summer along with some other retrospective activities. But as with nearly every other business on the face of the earth, COVID disrupted those plans. However since we serve hospitals and provider groups, it was also an opportunity for us. And another chapter in our history.

So we are going to celebrate all we have been and done since being founded in the year 2000 as a “charge capture” app with some memories and perspectives on the last twenty years. A few medaptii (that’s what we call our employees) have been here since the beginning, when a Pocket PC device was pretty forward thinking for anyone – but a doctor? Paper was still very much in those days. And hospital-wide wi-fi? Now that was novel!

But despite the major changes in technology since the year 2000, one thing has remained stable – our reason for being. Look at one of the first logos and taglines the company used – so same mission, just new toolsets.

Come on all ye medaptii, don’t be shy, where were you 20 years ago?

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