Are you getting paid for all of your encounters?


Do coders have to manually review every single charge and search one or more EHRs to find missing documentation to review and submit a charge correctly and on time?

To ensure you get paid for the services you’re delivering, you need to make sure you’re submitting all the information required, such as the CPT and billing code and the diagnosis code. But what if it is extremely difficult for you to access the documentation that supports those billable services? What if you lose access or worst of all, can’t access it? How much money is that leaving on the table?

Physician groups can have a hard time accessing documents for physicians who operate at facilities where they don’t have access to the EHR. As physicians change, and as contracts with hospitals change, that documentation of the patients they saw, their diagnoses, and the correct billing information, stays with the EHR. Now, as business operations teams try to reconcile their charges, they don’t have access to that documentation and have to request access from the hospital, which can take a lot of time.

Another common challenge that we see is missing information when submitting charges, which means Coding staff must go in and update information for the bill to be submitted. Again, if the documentation is only stored in the EHR, they have to submit a lot of time accessing two or more different systems to review the charges that were submitted, and then investigate into the EHR for the diagnosis documentation. When you have to do this for every single charge, productivity goes down and the number of charges that a Coder can review per day decreases, delaying your payment. Coders need to be able to store and see the documents in one place where they can easily access it, whenever they need it.

Medaptus’ Charge Pro Documentation Integration does just that. Our Documentation Integration allows you to load document images to patient encounters to be viewed and used for coding and other requirements. You’ll see these documents directly through the charge screen based on date of service. Since the documents panel is fully visible when the code selection dialog is displayed, it also means that Coders can easily see everything in one place and can scroll and select the documents they need to review and process the charge.

Benefits of Documentation Integration

Coders can view supplied documentation needed to support the codes within charge, and can view them simultaneously as they are adding or editing coding information in medaptus.

  • Documentation storage: Physician groups don’t need to access multiple systems to see all their documents and records, even if they billed it months or years ago and are no longer affiliated with that hospital.
  • Scalability and centralization from multiple EHRs: One central place to view all the documentation you need for all your charges, which is extremely beneficial if you have multiple EHRs and want to centralize information
  • Improved coding quality: You can be assured that you have access to the right documentation you need to submit payment for every encounter at your hospital
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