Last week, I was in Rochester, New York  supporting the medaptus Assign software launch @ Highland Hospital. I have visited Rochester before, as my wife was a pediatric oncology nurse at Strong Memorial. My takeaway, then (and now), are:  

  1. How kind the people are, for such a cold (temperature) place.   
  2. Everyone should try a garbage plate once in their life – It’s a true Rochester delicacy.  

It was really exciting to be on-site and in person to see the impact of our clinical solution, especially in the post-COVID world. The human connection has definitely been missing over these past two years.  

I want to thank the Highland Hospital medicine, project management, and IT teams who worked on this project – It was one of the most organized projects I’ve worked on which led to an on time, successful launch (a rare feat in the SaaS world).  

To learn more about why they chose us, check out the press release here. 


Patient Assignment Software Go-Live: Lessons Learned

Here are a few highlights from the go-live:  

Patient Assignments Overview  

Highland has about 190 patients assigned to 15 providers each day. We converted Highland from using a manual patient assignment process to medaptus’ digital Assign software. The process is done by their Medical Administrative team called “The MACs.” Our automated process has produced a 30% time and labor savings already.  

Seamlessly integrated with EPIC EHR 

We know providers can be burnt out by technology. That’s why we did a full integration with their EPIC EHR, keeping both systems in-sync.  

Our outbound interface into EPIC eRecord updates the attending provider and rounding lists within minutes. Providers can simply stay in EPIC, view their rounding lists, and get back to patient care.  

Assignment Rule Complexity  

One of the benefits of Assign is that we can take into account any factors that are important to your hospital, such as preserving continuity of care, geographic rounding, workload balancing and patient weighting.   

Highland elected to use all of these rules for a more robust algorithm. This resulted in physicians with fair and balanced workloads – not just in terms of the number of patients they see, but also in terms of the workload that each patient brings. 

No need to remember another password  

Medaptus made the end user experience simple by implementing ‘single-sign on’ which launches the end user directly into our application using pre-existing stored hospital credentials. 


The State of Hospital Medicine (and how we can help)  

With one of the worst labor shortages the industry has ever seen, and record-high physician and nurse burnout rates, it’s more important than ever that physician workloads are fair and balanced. Simply seeing the same number of patients doesn’t mean it’s an equal workload, because each type of patient can bring a different workload. Assign takes these factors into account, and balances patients, evenly.  

As well, we provide hospital leadership exposure to providers’ daily workloads and metrics like discharge efficiency, to help you identify areas for improvement and growth. 


Want to learn more about Assign? See how Northwell Health is using Assign to create fair and balanced provider workloads. Or, doing too much manual work even after your morning assignments are complete? Learn about how to avoid that with our EHR-integration.  

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