Improve Efficiency and Patient Throughput

Still creating your morning rounding lists manually?
This is not only inefficient, but it’s also impacting your patient throughput. 

For 20+ years, Medaptus has been helping hospitals across the country achieve their desired patient, clinical and financial outcomes using unique,
intelligence-based patient assignment workflows and revenue optimization solutions that seamlessly integrate with all EHR systems.  

Start automating patient assignment today!



Workflow that makes sense

For 20 years, medaptus has applied information technology to solve problems that are common and costly to healthcare organizations. Revenue leakage, data silos, disparate systems, redundant processes – these administrative challenges are a drag on productivity and satisfaction. Our reason for being? Replace barriers with safe passage.

Driving Continuity, Balancing Workloads, Enhancing Safety

Assign for Patient Distribution

The medaptus Assign platform automates a lot of the complexity involved with hospital medicine operations. Shift-based provider schedules, unique workload thresholds, admits at 11:50 PM at night… there are a lot of moving parts. The power of Assign is in making the parts work effortlessly together to create better, smarter workflows.

Better Revenue Capture, Automated Compliance and  Improved Administrative Productivity

Charge Pro & Charge Infusion

Reimbursement underlies every single hospital and medical practice’s financial picture – specifically, getting paid in an accurate, timely for services rendered. Despite pervasive technology, best intentions, and human resources, errors in coding or charge capture remain easy to make. We understand that every dollar (literally) counts and we will help you get it – with less overhead.

medaptus customers routinely enjoy

Increased Revenue

removes guesswork from coding and billing operations

Actionable Insights

making transactional charge data meaningful

Better Productivity

more time to focus on higher priority initiatives

Easier Collaboration

fosters team communication

EHR Integrations

The Hidden Costs of Manual Patient Assignment eBook

Creating patients lists manually comes at a cost – for your staff and your patients. In this eBook, we’ll learn about how it costs your hospital medicine teams revenue, causes burnout, impacts patient safety; and how to solve these challenges.

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Having over 600 providers, we have to rely on a system like medaptus to ensure we are not missing revenue.

Lori MitchellDirector, Physicians Billing/Financial Services, CoxHealth

Medaptus helps us ensure continuity of care and that the right people get assigned to the right patients.

Dr. SharmaNocturnist, South Shore University Hospital (Northwell Health)

Our organization provides all billing and administrative support to nearly 400 providers. We utilize Charge Pro to process and manage data for 99% of physician billable activity. We are big believers in the power of insight and have come to rely on medaptus' standard reporting suite for ongoing improvement of our revenue cycle processes. But we know that the full medaptus dataset can provide deeper insight and allow us to execute special analyses such as the impact of the ACA on the setting of care for visits as just one example.

David HaierCOO, University Physician Associates of New Jersey

Best in KLAS Awards

Top Customer Service Excellence in last 11 out of 12 years

Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of providers trust medaptus

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