Are you maximizing your outpatient infusion reimbursements? Does your system automatically bill for the initial code you will get reimbursed the most for? Millions of dollars could be being left on the table for your organization.

Check out our second video in a series on our infusion coding automation software, Charge Infusion, and how it can help your organization avoid missing revenue from outpatient infusions.

If you prefer to read the script, it can be found below.

Let’s say you do 100,000 infusions a year…

On average you get reimbursed $200 per infusion.

That’s $20 million in revenue from infusion alone.

Sounds good, right?

But what if… what if you could’ve gotten $30 extra dollars per infusion?

That’s three million dollars you’re leaving on the table.


Well, infusion billing is complex. And how you record and keep track of the services you deliver – with even just one minute in error – could cost you millions every year.

When billing for infusion services, three things are most important:

1)            The start and stop times which match exactly with what’s documented in your EHR

2)            The hierarchy of the drugs you’re dispensing

3)            The right amount of units

Let’s review them each.

If an infusion lasts longer than 15 minutes, it’s considered a “long” charge. If not, it’s a “push” charge. But let’s say someone forgets to document the stop time of the drug. That means you have to automatically bill it as a push. This is leaving a significant amount of billable services on the table – that you’re not capturing!

If you’re giving therapeutic drug with a chemo drug, then you want the initial drug billed to be chemo, since you get reimbursed the most for the initial code. But does your system do this automatically? Do your coders know to look out for this?

If you make a mistake in your infusion calculation, then you’re not going to get paid what you should get paid.

It’s all about calculating the right number of billable units of code.

So: do you want to know how much infusion revenue you’re leaving on the table?

Learn more about Medaptus’ Charge Infusion: the industry’s only EHR-integrated, automated infusion billing software, and find out how you could see a minimum of 10% increase in infusion revenue. Book your personalized demo today.

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