Meet medaptus

Physician-founded to leverage new technology

About Us

medaptus is a provider of clinical workforce and workflow solutions that empower provider organizations to achieve their desired patient, clinical and financial outcomes. 

It’s been twenty years since medaptus made a name for itself as a pioneer of “Mobile Health 1.0.” Since first deploying provider-centric technology for charge capture and coding support on early model digital PDAs, the company has introduced new solutions on every form factor, with a singular objective in mind: to remove administrative blocks from the business of running a healthcare enterprise.

For revenue leaders, this means removing unnecessary touch-points from coding and billing processes. Our charge capture automation streamlines this process, limiting the need for manual review and enabling faster time to bill.

For hospital medicine leaders, this means ensuring optimal patient assignment and efficient daily rounding practices informed by logic with preserved continuity.

As the medical, technology and reimbursement landscapes have evolved, so has medaptus. Our continued relevancy is attributable to a long-held belief that if technologies are to be adopted, they must be easy to use, deliver demonstrable benefits and also leverage an organization’s current information technology investments.


Company Timeline

2000 – Two young physicians interested in mobile computing form a venture, “MedCompanion,” to develop a platform of provider workflow applications

2001 – The company rebrands as MedAptus and its first customer, Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts, deploys the “Charges in Hand” mobile charge capture and coding solution to hundreds of physicians

2003 – Version 4.0 of MedAptus’ charge capture software is released; the platform has 7,000 end-users

2004 – The prestigious M. D. Anderson Cancer Center chooses the company’s charge capture and charge management software for an enterprise-wide deployment

2005 – MedAptus expands its reconciliation capabilities to support emerging workflow needs in business offices

2006 – MedAptus, in partnership with Lahey Clinic, co-develop a technical charge capture solution that ultimately evolves into the company’s Infusion Services platform

2008 – The company completes its first EHR integration to streamline charting/charging workflows for providers, a capability would uniquely position the company for years to come

2010 – MedAptus completes its first iPhone release of mobile charge capture; the company is awarded a patent for its Cross Reconciliation Engine to intuit missing charge elements as well as its first KLAS Award

2011 – KLAS again names MedAptus as Category Leader for Mobile Data Systems, the second year the company receives such an honor

2012 – Understanding the desire for big data and insights, MedAptus releases its first charge capture analytics platform for the trending of revenue cycle KPIs related to charge capture and management

2014 – Nearly 4,000 end-users migrate to MedAptus ICD-10 charge capture solution, a full year ahead of the 2015 regulatory deadline

2016 – After identifying the challenges hospital medicine teams face with patient distribution and workload balancing, MedAptus launches its Assign platform to high market interest

2018 – The company expands Assign, adding a mobile workflow application, many new customers and a focus on developing an Assign for Nursing solution

2019 – MedAptus’ Infusion charge capture product is now available in the Epic App Orchard thanks to integration that allows MedAptus to access medication orders automatically

2020 – The company kicks off its 20 year anniversary with a new brand and logo, “medaptus,” reflecting a collaborative focus on positive technology outcomes, while also celebrating its tenth KLAS award for charge capture customer service leadership