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Race for a Vaccine

It’s hard to categorize what I’m feeling right now regrading COVID-19.  But at root, I think it’s a race, and I’m not sure how it’s going to play out (especially since I’ve stopped predicting things). On the one hand, we see spiking cases and deaths. At the original peak (in July) we were seeing ~70,000 new cases/day.  Now, that number…
Ryan Secan
November 18, 2020
BlogDr. Secan's Insights

Hospitalist Perspectives: Taking action on doctor burnout

For many healthcare professionals that spent time on the COVID frontlines early on, any pre-existing feelings of professional burnout were grossly exacerbated by lack of control, overwhelming uncertainty, isolation, and the loss of life.   When it comes to how to address burnout, I have to say, everyone who sits at the table talks a good game – especially in…
Ryan Secan
October 21, 2020
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Hospitalist Perspectives: Logic as Bias

As I shared before, I really have gotten out of the business of predicting things.  Well, I thought I had.  But now I find myself being surprised by some things, which means I must have had some internal predictions that I wasn’t aware of. I find myself surprised that all of the major sports have been playing, and we haven’t…
Ryan Secan
September 23, 2020
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Small sinks – what’s with that?

I guess it’s time to talk about product design again.  Please, when you make a new product (or a new version of an old product), please keep your users in mind.  Think about and understand how they’re supposed to use your product, and make sure it meets their needs.  As an example, (and I realize that this may not be…
Ryan Secan
August 27, 2020

Two decades of helping those who heal

For any health information technology start up to last 20 years in a competitive arena with high stakes outcomes, it’s more than luck. It takes vision, commitment, agility, and passion. Those drivers (and the drivers of those drivers – our employees) are what have enabled medaptus to seamlessly transform from a founder of the Mobile Health 1.0 movement (give one…
Jen Crowley
July 20, 2020