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Top 5 Articles on the Benefits of Automating Your Daily Patient Assignment Process

We hear it from prospects every day – daily patient assignment is an administrative burden. It puts a drag on productivity and unbalanced patient workloads contribute to healthcare professional burnout. There is a better way. The better way involves automating your patient assignment process using a set of intelligent, customized rules while leaving the final approval in your hands and reducing the process to…
Malachi Charbonneau
August 12, 2022
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Unsafe Workloads in Hospital Medicine

So, if you’re listening to my new podcast (insert shameless plug for The Boston Health Podcast here), you’ll know that one of my favorite podcasts is Armchair Expert.  On this show, Dax Shepard and Monica Padman interview celebrities and experts in various fields.  It’s a fun show to listen to, and one the things they talk about all of the…
Ryan Secan
October 27, 2020